Time Management Training

Time Management Training

Who Will Benefit From The Course?
Our training course enable delegates to understand the processes which will make them more effective whilst minimising the “Thieves of Time” which plague our personal productivity and sense of achievement. The course will enable delegates to:
• Manage priorities.
• Increase work effectiveness and productivity.
• Enjoy a more balanced lifestyle.
• Feel more in control of their daily activities.
• Reduce the stress which results from a lack of effective time planning.

Anyone who needs to master the principles and practices of effective time management from Senior Managers, Directors, CEO, Government Executives to administrative and technical staff, in fact anyone who needs to find solutions to the following challenges:
• I don’t always feel in control.
• I need to increase my productivity.
• I have to juggle a multitude of tasks.
• I am always being interrupted.
• I love to have more time for the things I enjoy but never get the time.

Course objectives:
Delegates will learn skills which will improve planning, assertiveness, setting priorities, decision making, desk and paper management, and communication skills. They will have the skills to manage their priorities; manage themselves to get things done on time; be assertive with colleagues and managers and learn how to say ‘no’; gain sufficient time to complete their most important tasks; effective daily planning; prioritise and schedule tasks; learn to allocate time to each task in its order of priority; deal with interruptions and make effective decisions which affect your time positively.

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Daily Planning
Planning your essential priorities
Decision making
Desk management
Developing a personal sense of time
Identifying long term goals
Making middle and long term plans
Managing paperwork
Organising your office and your workstation
Managing meetings

Our training is carried out in a risk free environment which encourages delegates to practice the skills needed for successful appraisals. We use a number of training methods including role-play, workshops and group exercises to enhance the learning process.

Cost: £197.00 per delegate plus VAT.

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Global Business School have developed a series of in-house training modules. These are designed so that an organisation can pick the training which is more applicable to its own needs and budget.

Cost: £197.00 per delegate plus VAT.

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