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Global Business School has developed a range of lean business training courses based upon the practical ‘hands-on’ experience of its lean trainers.

In particular, our lead trainer, is one of the UK’s most experienced and sought after lean trainers having successfully introduced lean to many UK/global companies and organisations operating either as a lean facilitator, coach, mentor or lean project manager. Their particular strengths lie in managing the change management process required for the successful adoption of lean as part of cultural change combined with intuitive man management skills.

Our lean training courses cover a wide range of topics from how to get started in lean using tools such as 5S & 8 wastes and Kanban, right through to how to implement lean throughout a multi-national operation.

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Our lean training courses are very practically based, and all delegates on our courses get the opportunity to practice the lean theory delivered using practical lean simulation games.

In addition Global Business School operates a lean user group enabling companies with similar lean aspirations and objectives to meet up, visit each others’ facilities and attend educational and social events.

In summary, our lean manufacturing training courses differ from others in the market for five main reasons:-
• They are based upon the practical hands on experience of our lean trainers – we know what works
• We use a practical delivery style – lean games, and lean case studies
• Our lean training courses are interactive and not prescriptive making it fun as well as informative for the delegates
• They are delivered by expert lean trainers who have implemented all of the training content in their own facilities
• We focus on the ‘soft skills’ of implementing the lean tools by ‘winning the hearts & minds’ of the workforce as well as the mechanics of lean

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5S and 8 Wastes Training Course:
5S, is concerned with the elimination of the 8 wastes by the introduction of world class workplace organisation, visual management and immaculate housekeeping in a manufacturing environment. This is ideally suited to production staff, engineers, supervisors and managers. This is a one day course.

Cost: £197.00 per delegate per day plus VAT.

Lean Office Training Course:
A two days course aimed exclusively at utilising 5S within an office, administrative or service environment. The course utilises business games to demonstrate the improvements that can be made in an office environment by using visual management techniques resulting in significant increases in staff productivity by working ‘smarter and not harder’.

Cost: £597.00 per delegate plus VAT.

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Cellular Manufacturing Training Course:
This one day training course uses practical interactive business games to demonstrate the benefits a manufacturing organisation can achieve in efficiency, product quality, and inventory as well as space utilisation by the adoption of cellular manufacturing techniques.

Cost: £197.00 per delegate plus VAT.

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing:
This is a three day practical lean manufacturing training course suitable for senior executives/managers looking to implement lean into their businesses.

Cost: £597 per delegate plus VAT.

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Kanban Training Course:
Do you want to implement Kanban? Our one day Kanban training course will teach you about the various Kanban systems and how to implement them. Kanban is a pull scheduling system which can be used as a shop floor control tool to ensure you only manufacture what is pulled by each customer. This is ideally suited to manufacturing, operations and material professionals of all levels.

Cost: £197.00 per delegate plus VAT.

Lean Business:
A one day course designed to give middle/senior executives an appreciation of how to apply lean concepts throughout an organisation. In particular this course is suitable for those involved with product or service design, IT, Purchasing, Sales & Marketing, Planning, Finance and General Management.

Cost: £197.00 per delegate plus VAT.

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Lean Leadership Training Course:
A two-day thought-provoking lean leadership training course suitable for senior executives/managers focussed on sustainable lean transformation of their business.

Cost: £497.00 per delegate plus VAT.

Lean Manufacturing Training Course:
A two days practical lean manufacturing training course suitable for manufacturing staff of all levels. The content of this training course has been developed following the successful implementation of the lean techniques, concepts and strategies used in this course by manufacturing companies throughout the UK, with the help of our course tutors.

Cost: £497.00 per delegate plus VAT.

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Lean Startup Training Course:
A two days practical lean startup training course workshop examining technical topics like continuous deployment and split-testing, it’s designed to be comprehensible to hackers and MBAs alike. Students benefit from the content itself as well as interactions with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What will I learn?
• How to scorecard the health of your startup.
• How to radically improve cycle time; from ideas to implementation to assessment and focus on the cycle times that matter.
• How to build actionable metrics (and how to ignore vanity metrics).
• Techniques to mitigate the biggest risk for startups; that no customers will buy its products.
• How to identify what customers want to buy before building or making follow-on investments in new features.
• Ship products as fast as multiple times a day while improving quality and lowering costs.
• Build a company-wide culture of decision-making based on real facts, not opinions.
• How to avoid �core incompetencies� that derail most new product initiatives.
• How to find and retain profitable customers.

Cost: £597 per delegate plus VAT.

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