AA Global Sourcing Ltd is an organisational development consultancy focusing on helping professional services firms and businesses develop clear growth strategies as well as helping to embed client service excellence into these organisations as a means of driving client loyalty and referral. We provide high calibre management expertise, offering quantifiable and accountable strategies on a sustainable basis.

AA Global Sourcing Ltd works with SMEs in the following sectors: law, accounting, architectural, engineering, construction firms, finance institutions, specialising in building businesses that are profitable and sustainable.

AA Global Sourcing Ltd is committed to helping businesses grow and prosper in an increasingly challenging business environment by aligning the organisation’s offer and performance and helping our clients attract and retain loyal clients through building trusting relationships.

Our CEO’s is a pioneer in Lean Office, Lean manufacturing, Agile and Lean Office, Supply Chain and Procurement in the business world. We help organisations implement and live the mindsets, skills and specific actions outlined our CEO’s bestselling books, which helps individuals and organisations improve their own trustworthiness through analysis, teaching and coaching.

Trust is the one truly sustainable competitive advantage in business, yet all too often it is overlooked, ignored or misunderstood.

Your organisation’s ability to increase sales, improve client relationships, promote leadership and maximise resources is directly tied to improving trust internally and externally.

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